About Us

A Legacy of Giving and Caring

Since 1971, the Oneida Health Foundation (OHF) has been supporting Oneida Health by providing funds to improve patient care and support the organization’s mission. As a non-profit organization funded through private donations, OHF aims to develop comprehensive, integrated healthcare services for the community’s health and well-being. Donations can be made monthly, annually, or as a lump sum, and the foundation also provides grants to improve buildings and treatment spaces. The Oneida Health Foundation Board of Directors collaborates with stakeholders to raise funds and awareness for its initiatives, aiming to make a lasting impact on healthcare accessibility and quality.

Oneida Health Mission

The mission of Oneida Health is to plan, promote, provide and coordinate the highest quality progressive and comprehensive health care services for the greater Oneida area and surrounding communities.

Oneida Health Vision

A community of caring professionals with up to date skills, working together to deliver personalized, coordinated care, while employing advanced technology, resulting in a positive experience for patients, residents and their families.

How Your Gifts Help

Annual scholarships to high school seniors and current college students who are completing a degree or certification in a health-related field.

Programmatic funding for health-related education and services for individuals faced with a chronic illness, obesity, diabetes and cancer.

Capital funding for upgrades to necessary medical technology, which will provide patients access to the most efficient, advanced, and robust medical care.

Financial support to local community programs for youth, such as the YMCA’s Fit Kids Program.

Financial Assistance for patients to bridge the gap, while they are in active cancer treatment, including gas, groceries, child care, medical co-pays, durable medical equipment and so much more.

To help Oneida Health continue to build, expand and offer the best and most compassionate medical care for patients and families from our rural, farmland communities.

History of Giving

Five motivated community members founded the Oneida Healthcare Foundation (OHF) in 1971 with the goal of using public donations wisely to improve the standard of patient care provided at Oneida City Hospital. The Foundation was created as a distinct, independent organization with a clear purpose: to raise money to improve patient care at Oneida City Hospital. The hospital was a city-owned facility and OHF is a 5013c non-profit organization.

The OHF has now grown to include scholarships, medical technology grants, educational initiatives, and more. They are all intended to help Oneida Health patients, families, and staff members. The community’s kind gifts, business alliances, grants, and earmarks help the Foundation carry out its goal. The OHF works closely with the hospital administration to identify areas of need and allocate funds accordingly. Through their efforts, the Foundation has been able to make significant contributions to the education of the medical staff and provide state-of-the-art equipment for improved patient care at Oneida Health.

Our Corporate Partners

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is composed of dedicated individuals who are passionate about advancing healthcare in our community. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise from various fields and they are leaders in their industries. Together, they provide strategic guidance and oversight to ensure that the Oneida Health Foundation achieves its mission of supporting local healthcare initiatives and empowering the next generation of healthcare professionals.They bring diverse perspectives and skills to the table and work collaboratively to achieve our goals.

Our Board of Directors is accountable to our donors and is committed to delivering results. They regularly review and evaluate our programs and services to ensure that they are effective, efficient, and sustainable. They also monitor our financial performance to ensure that we are using our resources wisely and responsibly and they are committed to investing in the future. They are dedicated to ensuring that the Oneida Health Foundation remains a trusted and impactful organization that makes a positive difference in the lives of the communities in Central New York, Madison County and Oneida.

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