“Stay Strong” Cancer Survivorship Program

The Oneida Family YMCA and their Stay Strong Cancer Survivorship Program is run in conjunction with the Oneida Health Cancer Center, a member of the Roswell Park Care Network. With their dedicated training space and post-treatment focus, cancer patients have the opportunity to gain strength and mental focus after a life changing cancer diagnosis.

Cancer patients are referred to the Stay Strong program, which offers a 12-week YMCA membership, group classes, and weekly assessments, allowing them to work at their own pace in a dedicated space at the Y away from the general public.

YMCA members access various programs and services, including yoga, Pilates, swimming, and the Wellness and Strength Center, to help patients achieve fitness goals, build muscle mass, increase flexibility, and improve self-esteem. This program exists thanks to the YMCA and generous donations from the community.

Types of Gifts

There are many generous ways that you can bestow a gift to your community. Cash gifts are tax-deductible and can be made by check or credit card, or online. Online donations are secure and can be made through by clicking on the Donation button. In-kind donations of goods or services can also be made. Appreciated stock and/or mutual fund shares are cost-effective and can be deducted from stock or mutual fund values. Individual Retirement Accounts can be used for tax-free withdrawals, removing income tax penalties associated with charitable gifts. Matching gifts can increase the value of a contribution by utilizing a company’s matching gift program. Deferred gifts, such as charitable gift annuities, bequests, life insurance gifts, charitable remainder trusts, and real estate gifts, benefit the future of Oneida Health. The Foundation Office can coordinate deferred gifts for the campaign’s benefit.

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