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Foundation Support

Foundation support comes in many forms, from scholarships to patient care and educational programs. Scholarships provide financial assistance to students pursuing higher education and certifications, allowing them to focus on their studies without the burden of excessive student loans. Cancer care programs, on the other hand, offer a range of support services to individuals affected by cancer, including survivorship gym memberships, and financial aid for medical expenses not covered by insurance. These diverse forms of foundation support play a crucial role in improving the lives of individuals and communities by addressing various needs and challenges they may face.

We are aware that a cancer diagnosis or treatment can force people to make challenging decisions, especially ones that are financially related. The Cancer Care Fund’s objective is to assist Oneida Health patients by providing financial assistance for some unforeseen or urgent costs or related expenses that are not covered by insurance. Simple tasks, like purchasing food or gas for your car, might become challenging due to the cost of treatment and maintaining good health. Because of the kindness of Cancer Care Fund donors and grantors, we at the Oneida Health Foundation are able to offer a way to ease matters just a little bit during a very difficult time. With one fewer worry or difficult decision to make, we want you and your loved ones to concentrate on healing.

To apply for the Cancer Care Fund – please speak to your Oneida Health provider for more information.

Employee scholarships are intended to assist our dedicated workers in pursuing further education, encourage personal development, and ensure that they continue to thrive in their respective fields. The Oneida Health Foundation and its Board are of the opinion that by continuing to fund educational opportunities, Oneida Health healthcare professionals will be elevated, given more options for career advancement, and will benefit people and families in our neighborhood in the long run.

Employee Scholarships are due by August 31 to apply for the Fall-Spring-Summer of the following year. Apply here.

Employee Certification Applications are evaluated on a month-by-month basis. Apply here.

By providing financial support to aspiring healthcare professionals, the Foundation not only empowers these students to pursue their dreams but also addresses the growing need for skilled healthcare workers in our community. Through these scholarships, we are investing in the future of healthcare and ensuring a healthier and more prosperous community for generations to come.

Community Scholarships are due by Feb. 28, 2024, for the fall semester of the same year. Apply here.

The Oneida Health Foundation plays a crucial role in supporting both patients and scholars in their recovery and education. Through their generous contributions, they provide financial assistance for medical treatments, rehabilitation programs, and educational opportunities. This foundation truly embodies the spirit of compassion and dedication towards improving the lives of individuals within the Oneida and Madison County area.